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Tracking B2B job changes at scale since 2014

SifData was founded in 2014 to solve the problem of tracking job changes in Salesforce. At the time, your only options were to hope your team checked LinkedIn or accept that your database decay rate was static and couldn't be changed.

Our founders wanted a tool that helped sales, customer success, and marketing teams by proactively notifying them of job changes so processes could be automated. We're still the only company that's focused on getting data in your CRM, because we believe this data belongs to you—we just help you find it.

Since 2014 we've tracked millions of leads and identified hundreds of thousands of job changes, helping companies drive millions in pipeline.


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Frequently asked questions about SifData

  • Does SifData integrate with Salesforce?

    Yes! SifData was built from scratch to integrate directly with Salesforce. We use their API to push/pull data so your users can see job change info on a lead or contact—no need for your users or admins to log into SifData

  • Does SifData offer CSV uploads?

    Yes! You can run enrichments as often as you'd like by uploading a CSV!

  • Whom should I track?

    The most valuable contacts to track are 1) executive sponsors, 2) blockers and 3) anyone with a high NPS. We often see customers automatically flagging contacts for tracking when a deal is closed/won. If you're looking for help in automating those steps, let us know! We'd be happy to help coach you through that process.

  • What sort of commitment do I have to make?

    SifData offers month-to-month and on-demand pricing. There are no minimums or maximums and no long-term commitments. That said, if you're looking for a discount, an annual agreement is the best way to get it! Find out more!

  • How is SifData better than Linkedin Sales Navigator?

    First, the data lives natively in Salesforce. We believe tracking this intel within the CRM is the best way to go. There are several more reasons; check out our blog post to learn more!