Why Companies Go With SifData vs Linkedin Sales Navigator

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Critical Features
Native SFDC Integration
Month-to-month and annual agreements
Flag when a lead has left their job
Flag when a contact has left their job
Upload CSVs
API Access
Match contact to new Account
Notify new Account SDR/AE
Notify Account Manager

Better Data

Who cares about tracking hundreds of thousands of contacts, we track the people you care about and notify you when they change jobs.

Native Salesforce Integration

Who wants to log into another app? Your reps certainly don't, which is why we push updates directly to Leads and Contacts in Salesforce.

Quick Setup

Get up and running in as little as 20 minutes. We'll walk you through every step of the way.

You Own The Data

We don't sell your data into other companies, we believe data in your CRM belongs to you and should never be cross-pollinated.

Flexible Pricing

Want to run a small list quickly, or 100,000 records every month for a year? We've got pricing that'll fit any budget(that includes a free tier!).

This Is What We Do

Since 2014 we've been focused on one mission: Helping companies track job changes in Salesforce. We were the first to do it have the most scalable, flexible product on the market.

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Ready To Drive Pipeline and Cut Churn?

40% of your database has moved to a new company and your team is blind to this. We can help you track this intel at scale and surface it to the right reps at the right time.